What's the point of ketamine?

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The meaning of ketamine is that it is a substance from the class of dissociatives (NMDA antagonists) like phencyclidine (PCP), dextromethorphan and others.

Causes sensory dissociation, derealization, depersonalization, may cause hallucinations, some people experience euphoria.

Ketamine for horses and other animals is needed as an anesthetic. It was developed as a safe alternative to the neurotoxic phencyclidine. Ketamine became the first non-inhalation anesthetic, the introduction of which was accompanied by only minimal suppression of blood circulation and respiration.

Currently, ketamine is used to treat pain and as an antidepressant. A single dose of ketamine reactivated the plasticity of the visual cortex in mice and promoted functional recovery of visual acuity defects.

Large doses of ketamine cause a "ketamine hole" state, reminiscent of a near-death experience. (k-hole), in which the sensations of oneself and everything around are disturbed, helping to feel the sensations of soaring, vivid dreams or visions, disturbances in the perception of time and space, mood changes.

Neuroscientists connected the animals to an EEG machine and measured their brain activity to unlock the mystery of the experience. It is a pity that the sheep cannot share their impressions and suggest whether they really experienced in these moments the feeling of imminent death.

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